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"Sex Slave" who gets big salary

Does "slave" who gets big salary exist in this world? 

   Comfort women are "Commercial prostitution to military men" under wartime. It is not desirable in itself but women engaged in prostitution have existed spontaneously in every country in the world. Certainly, commercial prostitution for military men existed even in Japan in the World War II. However, no system of the noncommercial "sex slave" existed which has been broadcasted by Korea and China since 90’s. 

   Merchants of the Korean and/or Chinese, opened brothels aimed at profit looks for a young woman by advertisement. Here is an advertisement of those days which the South Korea government submitted to the U.S. House-of-Representatives Parliament as a proof of "sex slave".

"Proof" of "Sex Slave" submitted by the South Korea Government.

Merchnts' advertizement offer big salary, submitted by the South Korea government as "proof" of "Sex Slave".


 The advertisement dated October 27, 1944 and noted "Comfort-women advertisement". But, these materials were only advertisements for the comfort-women collection by Merchant, and we must point out that these advertisements were reverse proof deny broadcasting of "sex slave", generated by South Korea. Advertisement (right hand) says “Looking for comfort women, Salary of 300 yen or more, A debt is possible up to 3000 yen” as colle ction of prostitute business, and it was the occupation advertisement, left to the applicant's free will. Does any advertisement looks for a "slave" exist in this world? It was the time when a Japanese policeman's starting salary was 45 yen. Comfort women were highly paid employees of Merchants..

   The advertisement (left hand) described the applicant's age "From 18 years old up to 30 years old". Might be, the South Korean government judged that these did not serve as proof of a "sex slave". These "proofs" were deleted from the official site in early spring of 2007. 

A photograph, by the South Korea government as "proof" of "Sex Slave"

   Further, the above shown photograph was also submitted by the South Korean government as a proof of compulsive taking of a "sex slave". Unfortunately, these people were applicants, passed interview, gathered by collection of merchant. Shown scene is moving by merchant's track. Load each baggage, and someone is talking with the next employee. No one tied by chain and everyone allowed bringing baggage. Does any "slave" who gets big salary exist in this world? (Continue to the next)

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