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South Korean obligation to compensate own people

South Korean obligation to compensate own people 

   With the "San Francisco Peace Treaty" which concluded once "postwar compensation" in 1951, Japan connected peace to 48 nations among 55 nations. At the time, many countries which had ownership of compensatory right abandoned the claim. On the other hand, the Japanese government concluded individual bilateral agreement and promised to perform semi-compensation to damages, given by Japan in the war, separately from the "San Francisco Peace Treaty". As for both compensation and semi-compensation defined by each agreement with individual country, the Japanese government has satisfied all completely in April, 1977. 

   In the process, Japan provided 478 billion yen as total for the compensation to Philippines, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar in current), Indonesia, and so on. In 1965, the "Japan-ROK Basic Relations Treaty" was concluded between Japan and South Korea. At the time, agreement and confirmation were established that "The problem on the right of claim existed between people of the both countries, was solved completely and the Finally" by both governments. Therefore, in Japan, no duty is existed neither Japan to compensate further, nor duty to receive demand for compensation.

 Based on "Japan-ROK Basic Relations Treaty", Japanese government also abandoned huge properties which Japan owned in South Korea, that is, Japan provided all of them for South Korea. From the courtesy of the Japanese government to South Korea, Japan provided 300 million dollars (at that time, about 108 billion yen) gratuitously and provided 200 million dollars (at that time, about 72 billion yen) for counter value. And 300 million dollars (at that time about 108 billion yen) were also delivered with the private sector loan to South Korea from Japan.

   Again, the announced “The Congress House of Representatives passed a resolution on July 30 urging Japan to apologize for coercing thousands of women to work as sex slaves for its World War II military.” But the resolution was brought by only 10 representatives for voice vote in the U.S. House-of-Representatives Parliament in which the 435 whole personnel originally exist. It was a mysterious method at the U.S. Congress which acknowledges the democratic model nation. Disregarding its ambiguity of the process in propaganda, the 3 nations specially South Korea media currently carry out expansion reports which highlight only the portion of "approval" of the resolution, and devoted to the "victory" report. 

   But “Sex Slave” was not existed. Base on the resolution, although Korea repeats it in a million times as if it were fact, fabrication cannot be become “Fact”. Moreover, Korea people must re-recognize the nation whom charged compensation is South Korea in law. (Continue to the next)

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