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Korean bought the resolution of “Sexual Slave”

 Presses in the US announced “The Congress House of Representatives passed a resolution on July 30 urging Japan to apologize for coercing thousands of women to work as sex slaves for its World War II military.” But the resolution was brought by only 10 representatives for voice vote in the U.S. House-of-Representatives Parliament in which the 435 whole personnel originally exist. It was a mysterious method at the U.S. Congress which acknowledges the democratic model nation. Disregarding its ambiguity of the process in propaganda, the 3 nations specially South Korea media currently carry out expansion reports which highlight only the portion of "approval" of the resolution, and devoted to the "victory" report.

 However, according to Choson Ilbo, a major paper in South Korea, dated September 18, describes that Korean American electors bought certain "approval" of the resolution as a compensation of offering vote and fund to the representative group who proposed the resolution. The article says “If the negotiations depended only on diplomatic efforts of the South Korean government, Korea probably could not be reached to “approval” of the resolution because of lobby offensive of Japan (summary).” The activities deserve the profanity to democracy, and it means that the Korean problem institutions are not based on a historical fact.

 By the Japanese Annexation of Korea treaty concluded under both countries consent in 1910 was not "Colonial Administration" but Japan contributed to the Korean modernization investing huge national budgets. Needless to say, “sexual slave” was not fact in the process and no certain evidence is existed, describes “sexual slave was fact”. Now, we are going to retroact to historical truth in detail with verifications after this. 
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It´s great!
Now we got a light for the dark and long way in front of our mother land against the contrary hard wind.

I would like to support you fully.

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I know people who experienced a military life. All of them say they surely saw comfort women but they were not the slaves and that they were there in order to make money. It was a  Korean man that worked as custodian at a brothel.
Koreans have no ground for accusing Japan of enforcing Korean women to be comfort women. Japan did'nt enforce Korean women to prostitute themselves at all.
2007-09-21 Fri 19:30 | URL | J.B #-[ 編集]
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