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South Korean’s hostile policy against Japan

South Korean’s hostile policy against Japan 

   Joong Ilbo a major newspaper in South Korea, dated September 17, describes that the South Korean government facilitates property confiscation from own country people, recognized as the pro Japanese group as the national policy. Retroacting to the Japanese Annexation of Korea age; 1910-1945, the South Korean government considers the object of punishment even though the posterity and relatives of a person concerned who presumed the pro Japanese group. The South Korean government probably wants to tell own country people "If you become intimate with Japan, you will be encountered such a punishment.” “Don't be intimate with Japan in the future, also”. The policy can be recognized to be clear declaration of intention of the South Korean government.

   South Korea advances the friendship policy to North Korea in a state of war in law, but expands horrifying hostile policy to Japan, not in a state of war. The reason is because South Korea hides the immense benefit received from Japan against own country people, and to deny the past favor in the true history. The fabrication of "sexual slave", issued by the South Korean government is also the symbolic one, it was not fact in the process of Japanese Annexation of Korea, and no certain evidence is existed, describes “sexual slave was fact”.

 Although South Korea and North Korea claim the history of Japanese Annexation of Korea to be "colonial administration", particular natural resources could not be found, and a serf and a thief occupied most of the nation while squeezed out of the Korean Peninsula which was the No.1 extreme poverty country of the world did not have anything, and it could not be a "colony".

   The Korean Peninsula was annexed based on the Japanese Annexation of Korea treaty, and Korea became the "Japan Korea district" formally. Since it was one of district in Japan, the Japanese government supplied the immense budget and rendered modernization of the Korean Peninsula. In the "Japan Korea district", the Japanese government built many infrastructures including the school exceeding 5000 schools besides various required equipment, medical facilities, and a road. The culture using a character was offered considering the Hankul alphabet as a requirement in the modern education. Japanese government thought and considered as important as national foundations, raised medical treatment and health environment by leaps and bounds, and contributed to extension of peninsular people's life expectancy.

   The Japanese government provided infrastructure to the Korean Peninsula which remained without suffering air raids around the postwar period, built in the "Japanese Annexation of Korea" age, without asking for any compensation. Intellectuals point out with some trial calculations that it would be 16-20 trillion yen and 20 trillion yen if it was converted into current price. In order to deny these facts and to conceal completely, the South Korea starts nationals' cleanup and carries out the fabrication of the "sexual slave" what is not a fact, and tries to demand Japan compensation. These activities mean the rash act of the South Korea government which also denies conclusion of the treaty introduced in next time. Needless to say if demand for compensation is taken into true considerations, the right dares be in Japan. (Continue to the next)

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Korean bought the resolution of “Sexual Slave”

 Presses in the US announced “The Congress House of Representatives passed a resolution on July 30 urging Japan to apologize for coercing thousands of women to work as sex slaves for its World War II military.” But the resolution was brought by only 10 representatives for voice vote in the U.S. House-of-Representatives Parliament in which the 435 whole personnel originally exist. It was a mysterious method at the U.S. Congress which acknowledges the democratic model nation. Disregarding its ambiguity of the process in propaganda, the 3 nations specially South Korea media currently carry out expansion reports which highlight only the portion of "approval" of the resolution, and devoted to the "victory" report.

 However, according to Choson Ilbo, a major paper in South Korea, dated September 18, describes that Korean American electors bought certain "approval" of the resolution as a compensation of offering vote and fund to the representative group who proposed the resolution. The article says “If the negotiations depended only on diplomatic efforts of the South Korean government, Korea probably could not be reached to “approval” of the resolution because of lobby offensive of Japan (summary).” The activities deserve the profanity to democracy, and it means that the Korean problem institutions are not based on a historical fact.

 By the Japanese Annexation of Korea treaty concluded under both countries consent in 1910 was not "Colonial Administration" but Japan contributed to the Korean modernization investing huge national budgets. Needless to say, “sexual slave” was not fact in the process and no certain evidence is existed, describes “sexual slave was fact”. Now, we are going to retroact to historical truth in detail with verifications after this. 
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